Friday 17 April 2015

Female nude

Well, it’s not quite a nude.

I painted this using the techniques from Matt Kohr’s basic rendering tutorial. However I rushed the initial sketch so the  posture and some of the proportions are wrong. Her chest is way too big and her weight should be over right leg more. Also I didn’t spend enough time drawing the hands and feet.

Although I’m really pleased with the rendering, I don’t like the style of painting much. It looks far too airbrushed. I think this is due to using a large soft brush to achieve the value gradients. In my next painting, I’m going to make more use of a hard, round brush.

A couple of things I learnt from painting this:

  • Get in all the value information before the blending stage. I had started blending before realising I had missed a lot of different values in the face. Trying to pull the values from other parts of the image did not work.
  • Second, put major shifts in value on new layers (Matt Kohr calls them temp layers). You can then paint in big blocks of value using clipping masks to make sure you don’t paint outside the lines and within those blocks, use a soft brush and the eraser to create the subtler shifts in value, all without mucking up your contour.

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